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Dawn Afriyie  

Dawn, SKD Educator

Why She's Great

"Through the years as a successful hairdresser, I have always lived by the three L's: Learn, Listen, Love."

"The key to my success has been living by the three L's:


Learn: I feel educating myself is so important. Keeping my skills fresh and bringing something new and exciting to my clients is what keeps them coming back. In return gives us, the stylist, inspiration again. 


Listen: It is so important to listen to your clients. and have good communication and people skills.


Love: I always knew hairstyling was what I wanted to do!


I believe living by these three rules has fueled my passion and love for this work for 31 years!"

Dawn's Credentials 

  • 30+ years Industry Veteran

  • Licensed Cosmetology Salon Manager

  • In-House Educator and Trainer for Sakada Studios

  • Show Support for Industry Shows

  • Original Owner of Sakada Studios

  • Participant of Industry Continued Education Seminars

  • Platform Presenter of SSPA

  • CE Seminar Presenter for SSPA

  • Participant in Sakada Academy Team Video

-Her Magic-
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