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Keith Rutten

Keith, SKD Educator

Why He's Great

"I am forever learning. I am a craftsman."

"I believe if you want to be the top in your profession you need to learn from people at the top; this is how I began my journey in hairdressing. I started my career as a personal assistant to Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda. Assisting Horst was the biggest honor in my career and I got a bird's-eye view of what it took to be at the top. He once said, 'An artist creates for himself and a craftsman creates for others.' I use that phrase as my mantra. 


Continuing education is the foundation of a long and lasting career and it's an essential need in order to have a rewarding career. Through continuing education one can build his or her skills allowing the artist inside to flourish and be more creative for the client. 


This is why I am forever learning."

Keith's Credentials

  • 34 years Industry Veteran 

  • Licensed Cosmetology Salon Manager

  • Assistant to Horst Rechelbacher (Founder of Aveda) in seminars, platform, and salon

  • Instructor Training- Horst and Friends International

  • Advisor of product line development at Sakada Studios

  • Participant of Industry Continued Education seminars

  • Platform Presenter for Beauty Certified Education Association (BCEA) and SSPA

  • CE Seminars Presenter for BCEA and SSPA

  • Participant in Sakada Academy Team Video

  • Board of Directors for BCEA

  • Recipient of the Advanced Education Scholarship (BCEA)

-His Magic-
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